Career programs: Earn a wage while gaining high school credits

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Have you considered a career in Trades? Wesley, a Grade 11 student at South Delta Secondary School, is currently in the Plumbing Work in Trades program.
“I knew I wanted to learn a trade… I couldn’t see myself sitting in an office all day. The dad of one of my buddies owns a plumbing company and I’ve watched him do work in my own house. I thought it looked cool and decided to give it a shot. It’s been really good so far,” said Wesley.
As part of the program, Wesley attends high school for two months then works full-time for two months. “I’m surprised by how much responsibility they put on me when I’m at the work site. I’m using tools that I’ve never even seen before! They are teaching me a huge amount and have gone above and beyond to help me learn. Plus I’m getting paid while also gaining high school credits,” commented Wesley.
Next year Wesley has applied to the Plumbing Trade in Trades program while in his grade 12 year. If accepted he will attend KPU and will end up graduating high school with his first year plumbing certificate.
“I’ll be able to go back to work with a lot more knowledge. My ultimate goal is to gain my Red Seal. There is so much opportunity for people pursuing a career in trades. New job sites are continually opening up and skilled trades are always in demand. With this career path, it feels like there is financial stability and always something different to look forward to,” said Wesley.
His advice to others considering a career in trades: “Make sure you’re able to find a good company to apprentice with and go head first into it. It’s steep learning curve, so push through the tough times and go for it!”