Conversations About Global Issues

Category: District

Conversations about significant global events can be challenging. We recognize that parents/caregivers may have questions on how best to discuss the invasion of Ukraine with their child(ren). The Ministry of Education has shared the following resources to provide tips for teachers and parents.

The events of recent days may resurface difficult feelings and trauma for students, teachers, staff and families. We encourage you to be mindful of how these troubling events may impact you and those around you.

In times of uncertainty, children and youth can react in a variety of ways. This is natural. Some strategies include:

  • Acknowledging any feelings and concerns that arise, and reassure your child is in a safe place.
  • This type of global issue may trigger an emotional response in you as well as your child. Recognizing your own feelings enables us to be more supportive and gives children a model to express their own feelings.
  • Give children the opportunity to express their concerns and ask questions, listen carefully to what they are saying and respond in as objective a way as possible. If you don’t know an answer, don’t be afraid to say so. Children need to know that their concerns and questions are being taken seriously by adults.
  • Be aware of the potential impact of “media overload”—both from traditional media and the internet. Talk to your children about the importance of limiting their exposure to this coverage, especially for secondary students.

The Delta School District has supports to help. If at any time you are concerned or feel your child is being negatively impacted, please reach out to your child’s teacher and/or the school counsellor who can offer and recommend supports and services.

We understand this is an uncertain time, and we will continue to prioritize mental health and the well-being of students, their families, teachers and staff.

If you have any questions or need any additional information or support, please contact the principal at your school.