Delta on-ice rivalry comes with important message about kindness

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Now in its fifth year, the much-anticipated Battle of the Badges hockey game (Battle of the Badges) between Delta Fire Department and Delta Police Department will take place on Pink Shirt Day, Wednesday, February 26, at the Sungod Arena, 7815 112 St, Delta. The puck will drop at 10.25 a.m. in front of approximately 1,900 Grade 4-7 students from 16 Delta schools.

The theme for this year’s Pink Shirt Day is Lift Each Other Up, a simple but powerful message encouraging us to look beyond our differences and celebrate the things that make us unique. With one in five students affected by bullying, Pink Shirt Day is an important reminder to practice kindness and compassion, and to promote anti-bullying, which is really about allowing people to be who they are – uniquely made to fulfill an important purpose; to bring their unique flare, look, perspective, and voice to the world.

Battle of the Badges supports Pink Shirt Day by driving home the point that although we may look different and fulfill different roles, it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Celebrating each other’s differences and being united in our diversity is powerful. Ultimately, when the Fire and Police Departments bring their different roles, responsibilities and talents together, their impact in our community is even greater.

This annual event is a collaboration of Delta Fire and Police Departments, Delta School District,  and the City of Delta. It is the collective belief of the partners involved that there is no room for bullying in our classrooms, our workplaces or our community. Their hope is that this creative approach to Pink Shirt Day will have a significant impact on promoting the message to be kind not just on February 26 but throughout the year.

“Pink Shirt Day has chosen Lift Each Other Up as this year’s focus, a simple, but powerful message encouraging us to look beyond our differences and celebrate the things that make us unique. I challenge the community – young and old – to respect each other’s differences, encourage each other to be their best, and choose kindness every time. I am proud of the partnership that the City of Delta, Delta Fire, Delta Police, and Delta School District have created to support Pink Shirt and Anti-Bullying Day and look forward to cheering teams alongside the kids at the Battle of the Badges game,” says Mayor Harvie, City of Delta.

Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord explains, “Although this game showcases a fun rivalry between police and fire, it also represents a very serious topic and has an important point. In an era where it can be common for people to tear each other down, this game is a good way to show a younger audience about why every act of kindness, even in a sporting event, helps make the world a better place. We can all use a little encouragement to Lift Each Other Up and celebrate our diversity.”

Delta Fire Chief Paul Scholfield states, “Being different isn’t wrong, bad or weird. If we were all the same and did the same things there would be significant gaps not only in our community but in the world. We need diversity. Battle of the Badges demonstrates we can be different and still appreciate who we are.”

“Our police officers and firefighters are important role models in our community and we are extremely grateful for the time they spend in our schools making positive connections with our students. Battle of the Badges sets the stage for them to celebrate diversity and practice kindness, and very importantly, demonstrates that they do not tolerate bullying,” says Val Windsor, Board Chair, Delta School District.

Joining in the fun will be local mascots including Sparky the DFD firedog, DPD Safety Bear, Del from the Delta Ice Hawks, and Bob the Vancouver Canadians Brown Bear.

Game day schedule:

Students arrive – 9:30 – 10am

Warm up – 9:45 – 10am

Game time – 10:25am

Periods – Two 20-minute periods