Delview Secondary Hosts Third Annual TRC Day

Recently Delview Secondary School hosted its 3rd Annual Truth and Reconciliation Day.

Over the course of the day students and staff participated in a wide variety of meaningful activities.

Keynote speaker/presenter Brad Marsden engaged students in a moving learning opportunity—guiding students to form concentric circles, which represented a community of children, elders, women and men. The exercise showed how, when settlers came, disease struck, battles were fought, residential schools were implemented, and people were persecuted, the community became weaker and there were many gaps in the support network.

District elders and community members were invited to join in a special meal held in the library and prepared by the Delview Grade 12 Cooking Class.

Leading up to the event Delview students studied various “Indian” resources: fiction and non-fiction books, films, texts, graphic novels, art, authors, etc. As a part of the inquiry, students we asked to determine whether or not they are accurate and/or meaningful sources of information. The students then created a powerful Aboriginal Resource Exhibit within the Delview library.

Also included in the day’s events was a play, written and performed by the Delview Drama class entitled, “We are Here. Together.” The play explored the idea of what it means to be a survivor of the residential school system.