Hit the road back to school… safely

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It’s the beginning of September, the roads are busy again, parents are scrambling to get out of the house and get their kids to school, and people are in hurry to get to their respective workplaces. Through all this chaos, it can be hard for some students to find their way and they might make careless mistakes on their way to school.

Help students get familiar with road safety and discuss these safety rules with them:

  • Always look to your left and to your right before crossing the street. Keep an ear out for any noise that alerts you to stay put on your spot before crossing;
  • Avoid using a cell phone when crossing the street and walking on the street. Stay attentive of your surroundings;
  • While crossing the intersection, wait for the pedestrian sign and then cross the road.
  • Do not run across the street;
  • If there is a safety guard helping you cross the street, always listen to their directions and wait for them to help you cross the street.

As a driver, it’s important to use caution while driving through school zones. Here are the following tips for the drivers to follow while driving near schools:

  • Drive the car very safely and follow the basic driving rules;
  • Avoid using a cell phone at all costs especially anywhere near the school zone. Stay focused on what is ahead of you;
  • Be patient and wait for the students to safely cross the street before driving;
  • Pay attention to the cross guards in the school zone and follow their instructions;
  • Drive according to the school zone speed limit.

For students who ride their bike to school:

It is always safe to wear a helmet when riding a bike to school to avoid any injury to your head. Remember to always look to your left and right before crossing the street. To avoid any serious incidents from occurring, please don’t use your cell phone while riding your bike and concentrate on the road.

Safety rules are very important to follow for both students and adults. Remember to stay safe, stay alert on your way back to school.

For more information on road safety, use the following links below:




Written by Jasmine Chawla, Grade 12
North Delta Secondary School