Math Matinees at Brooke Elementary

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Students at Brooke Elementary are learning that math can be fun! Every Tuesday afternoon, from January 28 until March 10, children are participating in Math Matinees involving hands-on learning relating to topics such as ratios, coordinates, budgeting, linear measurement, circumference, 2D and 3D shapes, counting, area and perimeter, symmetry and probability.

These sessions are aimed at challenging students’ mindsets that math is hard by getting them involved in practical and fun examples of math in action. Over the course of several weeks, students circulate through the sessions in Primary (grades K – 3) or Elementary (grades 4 – 7) mixed grade groupings. This allows them to build relationships with students and teachers in the school that they might not otherwise get to interact with.

After each Math Matinee, students return to their classes to reflect on their learning using the Big 3 questions – What am I learning? How is it going? Where to next? Judging by the level of engagement and excitement in the classrooms, this cool initiative is making the grade!