Provincial Online Learning School Helps Families Navigate Educational Journey

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For families interested in exploring a different educational journey for their children, the Delta School District’s Home Quest program offers dedicated teacher supervision and the support of an individualized home learning plan for Kindergarten to Grade 9 learners in a unique blended learning environment.

“There are many reasons why the Home Quest program may work better for children and their families than the traditional school system,” said Jenny Slinn, Coordinator, Home Quest. “We support families who have always wanted to home school their kids but want to stay connected to the system, as well as families with unconventional schedules such as athletes, musicians, and actors who don’t have time for traditional school. Also, we are a great option for students who may not be thriving in the traditional system. Often, these children head back into the traditional system once they feel ready. It’s important to know that Home Quest is not just an online school. We offer events and activities that enable students and their parents to meet up on a regular basis.”

The Home Quest program provides:

  • An individualized home learning plan for each student
  • A resource library and online learning hub
  • Optional classes at Annieville Elementary School
  • Optional outdoor education classes out of the district’s Boundary Bay location
  • Optional field trips, workshops and virtual classes

“Home Quest provides families with more choice, voice and involvement in their child’s learning,” said Jenny Slinn. “We give families time and space to co-develop an individualized learning plan for their child with their Home Quest teacher. We work hard to build great relationships and check in regularly to provide support and feedback. Families and teachers meet at the end of every term to review students’ learning plans and see what other resources are needed. Teachers then also write regular Delta School District report cards.”

Families participating in the program provided the following feedback:

  • “Home Quest has been a great experience for our son. The school is supportive, flexible and encouraging, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ lockstep approach to education. This online school allowed our son to find his passion and joy in learning while taking ownership over his education, abilities and individual growth.”
  • “This is our family’s fifthyear with Home Quest and we love it – the flexibility to let our kids follow their interests and learn in their own way. The staff is so kind and caring, and dedicated to supporting us in finding the best learning options for each of our kids. They’ve played a huge part in supporting our teens that would otherwise have fallen through the cracks in mainstream school. Our youngest has been with Home Quest since day 1 and is thriving.  We only wish we’d known about it sooner!”
  • “We wanted to have more time at home with our children and more flexibility in their learning program than was possible in a traditional school setting. We ultimately chose Home Quest because the staff are warm and engaged with each learner and provide support and enrichment when developing learning plans. After five years with three children enrolled at Home Quest, we could not be happier – it has been the ideal program for our children.”
  • “There is a famous quote by Ben Franklin that says, ‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ The benefits of homeschooling with assistance and support from Home Quest are that my son feels involved in his education, he can build up his own interests and he has a community of children and adults that makes him feel like he belongs. The Home Quest staff are always an email or call away to assist in anything you need. Your support teacher becomes your teammate and makes sure all B.C. curriculum requirements are being met.”
  • “Our family has been a part of Home Quest since 2018. We always received immense support in our home learning journey. The staff is well trained, knowledgeable and experienced. Home Quest provides families with a safe learning space where they can nurture their kids in a wholesome manner and be part of their transformative journey.”
  • “After two years with an independent homeschooling group, this is my child’s first year with Home Quest. As I have experienced two different homeschoolings, I can confidently say how amazingly Home Quest is working for my child. The best part of HQ is its blended approach of a perfect mix of home learning, outdoor day and once-a-week in school day for the sake of socializing, meeting with teachers and getting along with peers. Not to mention the fact that teacher supervision and interaction matters a lot which is the unique selling point of HQ, and my child loves it…HomeQuest, keep thriving!”
  • “Home Quest is a hidden jewel and I am so glad we came across this option. I’ve always wanted to try homeschooling but never had the guts! In 2020, I jumped in and haven’t looked back! You get so much support from every single team mate, it really is like a family. They work with all the different needs every student has and in our family that is a lot. We have never been turned down from any special request we have asked for and, in many cases, we are offered multiple options. Our family specifically has benefited by attending and don’t have plans to stop!”

The program, which is aligned with the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care’s guidelines, was established in 2005. Through the 2022 school year, Home Quest became a Provincial Online School. Prior to the pandemic, on average the program supported around 75 learners annually. At the height of the pandemic, there were more than 850 students enrolled in the program. Currently, enrolment in the program sits at around 95 learners.

Parents can enrol their children in the program up until the start of the new school year in September. For more information on the program, please visit: