Winter Weather Procedures 2023/2024

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Announcements of District-wide Closures and/or Delayed Openings of Schools and/or School Closures

A reminder to parents/guardians, students, and staff of the Delta School District’s winter weather procedures and announcements:

  1. All schools in the Delta School District will remain OPEN if at all possible during winter weather, including snowfalls.
  2. Any district-wide closure will be decided by 7 a.m. at the latest and will be announced through the media, as well as through the district and school websites and social media. Please note: No announcement will be made stating that specific schools are open. Only closures and delayed openings will be announced. 
  3. Student safety is the first priority of the Delta School District. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children’s safe travel to and from school.
  4. Schools will be kept open except under extreme circumstances to provide the option of attendance for all, but the decision to attend is the responsibility of each family.
  5. During extreme weather conditions it is also common for police and other authorities to advise citizens to avoid unnecessary travel. Parents should take this advice as well. Students will not be penalized for lack of attendance under such poor weather conditions.
  6. The district supports individual and family decisions regarding safety. Student and staff safety are a priority of the school district. If schools are open, and parents wish to keep their child home due to weather conditions, they may do so.
  7. Parents should phone or email the school to notify staff that their child(ren) won’t be attending. Weather-related student absences will be excused.

Information about any district-wide closures will be sent to Metro Vancouver radio and television stations.

No announcement will be made stating that specific schools are open
Only closures and delayed openings will be announced.

Please check the following stations for school closure information:

Radio Television
CBC AM 690 radio, 88.1 FM Global BC
CKNW AM 980 radio CBC TV
News AM 1130 radio CTV BC
Fairchild AM 1470 radio City TV

Announcements of school closures or delayed openings will be posted on the school district’s website and through its social media channels. Individual school closures due to unique circumstances (e.g., power outages) will be announced as early as possible on the district website as well as on the affected schools’ websites. On occasion, schools may delay the start of the school day; if this happens, specific details will be posted on the school and district websites.

We encourage you to check the district website and social media, as well as your school’s website in the morning, and listen to local media. 

This is also a reminder to all students to DRESS WARMLY and WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING. Sidewalks and roads can be extremely slippery. Students walking to school are advised to take extra care.

At this time, we encourage you to review your own preparations for winter weather and ensure that you are familiar with your municipality’s snow and ice response procedures. We request that you strictly adhere to parking restrictions in and around all Delta schools. Your child’s school will contact you about any changes to driving routes that may be put into effect on streets adjacent to the school.

With your cooperation and adherence to winter weather procedures, we can help achieve safe conditions for students travelling to and from school. Please put safety first.


School buses for students with special needs will attempt to operate on their normal schedule during days with snow. Significant changes to the bus schedule as a result of weather conditions will be reported on the district’s website and social media. Should the condition of side streets require a change to the operation of school buses for our students with special needs, or any cancellation of service, affected families will be informed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during the winter months ahead.

Doug Sheppard

Superintendent of Schools


Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast – Environment Canada

The Weather Network – Delta


Walking to school is a good idea when it starts to snow. Driving to-and-from school can be difficult, as roads can be slippery. If possible, it is advisable to walk to school when roads are icy.

  • Dress warmly, including weather ready footwear
  • Walk slowly, and be mindful of traffic
  • If dark, carry a flashlight and/or wear reflective items

c/o Alberta Health Services