Your Healthy Back to School Guide

Thank you to Fraser Health, our community partner, for this great info on getting students ready for back-to-school.

Fraser Health’s Your Healthy Back to School Guidefeatures more than a dozen expert articles on important topics for parents and students, including anti-school anxiety approaches, healthy lunches and breakfasts, better sleep strategies, immunization information and healthy after school activities.

Getting everything done to prepare your child/children for going back to school can seem like a marathon. It can be both logistically challenging and physically exhausting for parents. This year, simplify your to-do list by going back to basics. Hunting for matching pencil cases and this year’s trendy sneakers can wait.

What’s really important to prepare your child for success at school is to make sure they are as healthy as possible when they sit down to learn. That means ensuring they are eating and sleeping well and are able to recharge after school in a healthy way to prepare for the next day.

It also means paying close attention to their mental health, and helping them cope with any back-to-school anxiety. And it includes taking preventative measures like immunization to ensure they are protected from any communicable diseases circulating in their classrooms.

Fraser Health has the tools you need to ace this year’s back to school race. So take a deep breath and focus on the finish line.